Animal Drawing - How To Draw A Rabbit

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Let's learn how to draw a rabbit. We will be doing this drawing step by step with 6 sketches. For the first step we will draw a simple rabbit body shape that will look like a beanie. In the second step we will add the head. You can use the head as a measure, therefore the head's height will be two times lesser than the body's. We will be adding the ears in the third step, with the ears height beeing a little bit bigger than the head's. In step 4, hands have been added, and will have the same lenght as the depth of the head. In step 5 let's add the eyes and the body shape. You can add some grass, also, if you like.
Step 6 represents the final drawing Draw the nose and the mouth. Also, draw shadings to expose the rabbit's fur.
This is only an example out of many on how to draw a rabbit. Beeing a street drawer requires beeing making fast drawings, so I like to keep it as simple as possible.

Practice these sketches step by step with patience. Drawing can be a beautiful thing if you enjoy it.
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