Drawing faces from photos like an artist

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I want to show you the best way of drawing faces from photographs. One of the most common ways to draw a face is by measuring it. Every object is measurable. Most of you have been taught at school to measure a certain object by comparing it to something you know. Just like we measure the distance from one point to another on a map.On the other hand artists measure certain objects by comparing them to themselfs.
A baseline is also a comparison method. For instance when you compare a mouse to a leopard, the mouse is very small.But when you compare the tree to an entire forest, the tree is not that big. Size is relative to what is being compared.
When we implement this approach in artistic drawings, you compare the baseline in the photo in front of you to another particularity in that photograph.
Establishing baselines. Photographs are the simplest images and easy-to-use because they are pictures in two dimensions and they don't move. To practice this measurement you will need a pencil, an eraser, a sketch pad, paper and a photograph, preferably large.
1.Choose a baseline. Select a simple object in the photograph that you can measure it with a straight line, for instance - the width of the eye side to side. Use a piece of paper to measure it.
2.Transfer the baseline with to the chosen paper. Put the measured line on your paper. The marked line on the paper represents the baseline. This line will be used to measure any other specifics in that photo.
3.Compare and measure the other features. Compare the proportion of every aspect of the face to the baseline. Using the same marked piece(in our case - the eye) you can measure any part in the face by comparing that part with the proportion of the eye.
4.Place the correct measurements. Check each measurement on paper.

So go ahead and start practising, impress some friends or family members!
Stay tuned for more drawing ideas!







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